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Boat filling up at a fuel dock protected by ProFender Superfenders

Beyond individual slips, ProFender is revolutionizing the marine industry.

In high-traffic zones, where every boater's skill—or occasional lack thereof—comes into play, we've raised the bar, ensuring docks are always protected, no matter the challenge.

Fuel docks see a plethora of marine traffic each day, and the protection of both vessel and infrastructure is paramount. Every dock owner knows the pain of incessantly replacing dock fenders, or worse, repairing their docks - until they find the right solution.

A Testament to Excellence: Testimonial By Mike Short, Owner of False Creek Fuels (Vancouver, BC)

"I am delighted to share my experience with ProFender, which I recently had installed at my busy fuel dock in Vancouver.  For the past 12 years, I have been unable to find a fender that would stand up to the rigours of the daily traffic that our dock sees.  Generally, any fender in the past would need replacement after only 24 months (with the most recent set needing replacement after only 10 months!).  Not only was this disappointing and costly, it was an eyesore.


Enter ProFender. Since their installation, we've seen a remarkable transformation in our dock operations. These fenders are built to last, and their durability is evident. They've put an end to our never-ending cycle of repairs and replacements.  Most importantly, our customers LOVE the new fenders (many of whom come in to our dock without deploying their own boat fenders).


The installation process was straightforward and hassle-free. The ProFender team removed our old fenders and installed the new fenders in just a few hours, and have provided us with excellent support, checking in frequently to ensure that the fenders are holding up."


Video: An installation at Maxum Fuel Dock (Hunting Harbour, CA)

 The ProFender Commitment

Our reputation isn’t just built on the handcrafted quality of our products, but also the experience we provide from start to finish. If False Creek Fuels found their perfect solution with us, imagine what we can offer your dock.

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