News: Between Two Fenders

ProFender Fuel Docks & Industry Partnerships
The guardian in front of world-class fuel docks. Dive into our latest blog to discover how ProFender revolutionizes vessel protection, ensuring smooth operations and unmatched durability. Join marinas worldwide in choosing the gold standard.
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Sustainable Seas: The ProFender Difference
At ProFender™, high-quality dock protection isn't just about shielding boats; it's about bridging luxury and longevity in a world where the two can sail together. Built to Last & Impress Meticulously handcrafted in sunny California and the vibrant shores of...
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The Superior Choice for Dock Protection: Why ProFender Stands Out

ProFender: Setting new standards in marine protection. Our high-grade dock fenders are engineered with a unique combination of high-density foam, waterproofing PVC, and UV-protected marine carpet to ensure your vessel remains unscathed. Say goodbye to the common hassles of traditional dock fenders and embrace a superior level of protection. With ProFender, your boat's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity is our utmost priority.

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