ProFender Installation Guide: Easy Install for Easy Docking!

Tools Needed: Drill, wood screws, hammer.

Step 1: Clean-Up Time! ✨

  • Clear your dock of any debris and old protection. We want that ProFender sitting pretty and flush.

Step 2: Dip & Position 🌊

  • Gently place your fender in the water, track-side up. Remember: single track closer to the dock, double tracks facing away!

Step 3: Bottom's Up! 🪛

  • Align the bottom track parallel to the water, about 3-5" from the dock's top. It floats, so easy-peasy! Now, secure it using your drill and the pre-drilled holes.

Step 4: Tap Time 🔨

  • Gently tap the metal track end with your hammer. But wait! Do this only after the bottom and top holding tracks are secured.

Step 5: Secure the Backbone! 💪

  • Now, let’s get that bottom holding track in place. Find a spot 2-5cm from the dock's top corner and drill away. This hidden hero does the heavy lifting, so make sure it’s firm! Tap the track ends, but only after completing a full segment.

Step 6: Finishing Touches 🌟

  • Align and stretch the top track and carpet until it looks just right. Carefully drill into the designated holes. Go easy – we want it looking sharp, not dented! Give a final tap to the ends to lock everything in.

Voilà! Your vessels and docks are now protected by ProFender! 🎉

Installation Guide 2: Fender Comes Unfilled


  1. Remove Existing Components: Start by removing any rubber molds and inserts from the installation area.
  2. Prepare the Fender Cover:

Unroll the fender cover.

Begin filling the PVC cover with the round foam supplied with your kit. Fill the cover from both ends, working towards the center.

Insert Foam:

Make sure to use all the foam provided to ensure proper fitment.

The foam should be inserted so that it fits snugly, especially the last few pieces which may require some flexing to fit into the cover.

Installing the Tracks

Sail Track Installation:

Install three separate lengths of track for the fender system:

Lower Fender Track: This track is installed 90mm down from the top edge of the pontoon.

Top Fender Track (Middle Track): This holds the fender securely at the desired height on the pontoon.

Carpet Shaping Cover Track: This track runs alongside the top fender track and is used to hold the carpet shaping cover in place.

Secure the Tracks:

Ensure each track is properly aligned and secured.

Close the ends of the tracks with a hammer to prevent the fender from sliding when in use.

Final Steps:

Install the Fender:

Roll the filled fender into the water at the intended location on your pontoon or marina dock.

Check and Adjust:

Make sure the fender is positioned correctly and securely within the tracks.

Adjust if necessary to ensure it functions properly and provides the necessary protection for your boat.

Finish Up:

Pull the carpet shaping cover over the top of the middle track and adjust it to lie flat and even.



Congratulations! You have successfully installed your ProFender Super Fender. Your boat is now equipped with additional protection to help guard against impacts and damage while docked. Enjoy your boating with added peace of mind.