ProFender Installation Guide: Easy Install for Easy Docking

Tools Needed: Drill, wood screws, hammer.

Step 1: Clean-Up Time! ✨

  • Clear your dock of any debris and old protection. We want that ProFender sitting pretty and flush.

Step 2: Dip & Position 🌊

  • Gently place your fender in the water, track-side up. Remember: single track closer to the dock, double tracks facing away!

Step 3: Bottom's Up! 🪛

  • Align the bottom track parallel to the water, about 3-5" from the dock's top. It floats, so easy-peasy! Now, secure it using your drill and the pre-drilled holes.

Step 4: Tap Time 🔨

  • Gently tap the metal track end with your hammer. But wait! Do this only after the bottom and top holding tracks are secured.

Step 5: Secure the Backbone! 💪

  • Now, let’s get that bottom holding track in place. Find a spot 2-5cm from the dock's top corner and drill away. This hidden hero does the heavy lifting, so make sure it’s firm! Tap the track ends, but only after completing a full segment.

Step 6: Finishing Touches 🌟

  • Align and stretch the top track and carpet until it looks just right. Carefully drill into the designated holes. Go easy – we want it looking sharp, not dented! Give a final tap to the ends to lock everything in.

Voilà! Your vessels and docks are now protected by ProFender! 🎉