ProFender x Freedom Boat Clubs

ProFender and Freedom Boat Clubs—a collaboration where top-notch protection meets unbeatable service! ProFender removes the need for boat fenders/bumpers when docking, meaning peace of mind with even the most novice of boat captains at the helm.

Testimonial: Pat Edwards, Owner of Freedom Boat Club Gold Coast

"We have just had Profender installed on our
first location here at Freedom Boat Club of the Gold Coast. As a former yacht broker here on the Gold Coast I feel I have seen every way possible to protect
your vessels from hitting the dock or storing them. When we decided to open our location... the one thing that was a non-negotiable in our business was Profender in all of our berths.

"We have created drop off and pick up bays for our members to give them the easiest experience possible. This allows the boats to be dropped into a single bay, without having to worry about hitting the dock or putting fenders out.

During our franchise onboarding we went to see a few Freedom Boat Club locations... and one of the first things I noticed was that the boats looked old and heavily used on the exterior, likely due to the damage done by the docks. This is is one thing that we do not have to worry about now and know in 3 years time when we sell, that dock rash will not be an issue we will have to contend with.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at "

Discover the ProFender difference and enjoy smooth sailing with us! See why Freedom Boat Clubs worldwide trust our top-tier protection and service.

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